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World on Fire

The EP "World on Fire" consists of four songs written by Pishima Calloway and recorded by Pishima + Resilience. 

Misconception - Misconception spells out what a young, 13 year old Pishima struggled to understand and see in the continually evolving world around her. 

Before I Fall - This song can be sung as a lullaby or a farewell. Either way, this love song will surely bring you to tears. 

Bullet Proof -  Bulletproof is an anthem about perseverance, a voice amongst the crowd that carries optimism for the masses.

Four Words - Inspired by the wise words of Martin Luther King Jr., in his speech "I have a dream".

Four Words Can Change The World


Pishima Calloway

"It's as simple as one step at a time"

Pishima is 19 years of age and currently based out of Central Pennsylvania. She has performed all over the east coast for weddings, festivals, competitions, and so much more...

Most of her performances incorporate both originals and covers. For the most part, her originals consist of a pop or ballad pop sound but, at times, she spices it up with a taste of classic rock or reggae.

Her debut EP Album "World on Fire" was released back in 2017, including fan favorite "4 Words".

At the moment, she is songwriting for her next album!

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New Music is coming out soon!!! 

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